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Ozempic (Semaglutide) 1MG Dose Pen with 3ML


Each box contains a pen preloaded with 3mL Ozempic Solution & 4 disposable Novofine Plus needles.

For more information please refer to the Ozempic Dosage, Usage & Storage section as well as the Ozempic Important Safety Information section.

What is Ozempic:

Ozempic® is a weekly injection of semaglutide that boosts the insulin-generating properties of the pancreas, helping to lower the sugar levels in the blood. It is most commonly prescribed to adults with type 2 diabetes. This medicine, designed to be taken long-term, works on the basis of mimicry – it perfectly imitates a naturally occurring hormone.

Although it is used primarily to treat diabetes, it can also lead to weight loss. It is because it makes the molecules go to your brain and inform it that you are already full. What’s more, it slows digestion down as it prolongs the time necessary for food to leave the body.

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