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Ozempic Dosage, Usage and Storing


A once-weekly dosing schedule

Ozempic® is taken once a week, exactly as prescribed by your health care provider, along with diet and exercise, to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.

The beginning dose is 0.25 mg once a week for the first 4 weeks. This will help give your body a chance to get used to the medicine. 

At Week 5, your health care provider will increase the dose to 0.5 mg once a week

Your A1C needs may shift as your type 2 diabetes changes. That’s why Ozempic® offers pens that deliver doses of 1 mg or doses of 2 mg to give you additional A1C control. And while your dose may change, nothing will change about how you take Ozempic®—the 1 mg and 2 mg dose pens are the same as the pen you already use.

The maximum dose of Ozempic® is 2 mg once a week. Always follow your health care provider's instructions on how to dose Ozempic®

Taking Ozempic®

  • Take Ozempic® once a week, on the same day every week, exactly as prescribed by your health care provider. 
  • You can take Ozempic® with or without food.
  • You may change the day of the week you use Ozempic® as long as your last dose was taken 2 or more days before.

Missed a dose?

If you miss a dose of Ozempic®, take the missed dose as soon as possible within 5 days after the missed dose

If more than 5 days have passed, skip the missed dose, and take your next dose on your regularly scheduled day

How do I use my Ozempic® pen?

1 Check your Ozempic® pen

Read the label to check that your pen contains Ozempic®. Make sure that the Ozempic® medicine in your pen is clear and colorless.

2 Attach a new needle

Tear off the paper tab. Push and turn the needle on until it is tight. Pull off both needle caps.

3 Check the Ozempic® flow with each new pen

Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the flow check symbol. Press and hold in the dose button until the dose counter shows 0. Make sure a drop appears at the needle tip. 

4 Select your dose

Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the dose you need to inject (0.25 mg or 0.5 mg for the red‑label pen, 1 mg for the blue-label pen, and 2 mg for the yellow-label pen).

5 Inject your dose

Insert the needle into your skin. Press and hold down the dose button. After the dose counter reaches 0, slowly count to 6. Remove the needle from your skin.

6- After your injection

Carefully remove the needle and place it in a sharps container. Put the pen cap back on the pen.

How to store your Ozempic® pen

Store your new, unused Ozempic® pens in the refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C).

Store your pen in use for 56 days at room temperature between 59ºF to 86ºF (15ºC to 30ºC) or in a refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C).