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A Thinner You through Ozempic

  • Ozempic® made in Denmark
  • Huge savings vs US through Mexican sourcing
  • Guaranteed Shipment in refrigerated packaging
  • Delivery across the US straight to your doorstep
Save up to 60% on Ozempic

Save up to 60% on Ozempic

All Orders are 100% Guaranteed

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Select the required dosage & Upload prescription


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Great prices, it's like a discount on loosing weight.

Abigail G.

They always have product in stock, very reliable.

Victoria C.

Fast and reliable shipments, can't ask for more.



Do I need a prescription to buy Ozempic from Thinura?

In order to buy Ozempic® online from Thinura, you need a prescription issued by your doctor. You will need to upload your prescription in the product page to process your order. Please let us know if you would like us to reach out to your doctor to obtain your prescription.

How does Thinura get such great prices?

Thinura sources in Mexico Ozempic through Novo Nordisk, Ozempic's manufacturer. The product is sealed and is manufactured in Denmark. Mexican pharmaceutical pricing is significantly lower than US.

What is the maximum amount of Ozempic I can buy?

The maximum amount of medication you can order at one time is three months’ supply (90 days). The quantity collected will be determined by your doctor’s prescription and the instructions that accompany it.

Is it safe to order Ozempic from Thinura?

Yes!   We’re here to provide you with safe, affordable prescription medication manufactured in Denmark from Novo Nordisk. We ship in refrigerated containers and guarantee all shipments so there is no risk in buying from us.

What is the shipping cost for Buying Ozempic from Thinura?

The shipping cost for Ozempic® to you is $29.99. The cost stems from the fact that semaglutide needs to be packaged with temperature-sensitive packaging in order to ensure its potency remains intact while it makes its way to your household. 

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